Sensei Phil and the team have over 20 years of training and teaching experience between them and the main aim of the club is to share traditional Goju Karate with families and individuals. The goal of each instructor is to provide honest training to the best of their ability, and to ensure that students get regular access to high quality training in their area.

The classes run using traditional Japanese methods, whilst retaining a friendly, hard-working atmosphere for all students to enjoy. The club runs classes several times a week and, with additional courses and seminars on offer, it’s possible for our students to have the chance to be training most days of the week.

As a member of our club, we hope you will become part of our ‘family’ and we are always happy to welcome new and committed students. The emphasis in the classes is very much on the quality and character of student, rather than quantity of students.

To learn correct Goju Ryu karate requires patience, dedication and robust training over a period of many years, under the guidance of a first class instructor.

Whether it comes naturally or not, students will develop intellectually as they concentrate on the technical aspects being taught. Karate should be challenging both physically and mentally, all students develop confidence and a strong sense of respect.

Training can be extremely rewarding if you stick at it and continue to improve over time. Our training is an on-going process and it is only through continuous study, hard work and effort that you will start to reap the physical and personal benefits that Goju karate can give you.

If you are purely looking to get an easy black belt within a couple of years, then our clubs may not be suited to you.