All of our instructors are qualified and approved by IMASA (independant martial arts sports association) who have also performed the necessary criminal checks in their role of the “umbrella body” for the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly the CRB).

Sensei Phil Aucott

mug-shot-philPhil began training originally in Kick boxing, however as a teenager he found the full on combative nature (of that particular club) was not what he wanted. From there he moved into Goju Ryu Karate with an incredible instructor who taught not only the physical aspect but also about the art of Karate.

Phil studied in Goju Ryu up until 1st Dan and then moved into Jujitsu to support a friend. It was a Japanese Jujitsu club and, once again, the instructor was excellent. He trained with the club for another 3 years but there was a part of him that wanted to continue with Karate.

He had the opportunity to work for one of the large Karate organizations for about 8 years which taught him an immense amount.

However whilst working as a sports coach and outdoor pursuits instructor he missed the traditional Goju ryu that he’d grown up with and in 2011 when the opportunity to set up his own school came about, he jumped at the chance.

Having been taught by such inspiring instructors, Phil is committed to emulate these mentors.

Sensei Sean Bicknell

Sean has been actively involved in coaching for several years now. He is very passionate about his own training and is a very focused and dedicated student. You will see this comes through in his teaching. Training with Sean is great fun and very rewarding, he really enjoys working on kata (forms) and breaking down the moves and techniques making them easy to understand and develop in young children and beginners.

Sensei Jo Davey

Joanne has been training for many years and has continued to grow and develop in both physical skill and mental attitude. Starting initially to support her children when they first joined, she has continued to train and got more and more involved with the club and its classes. Working with children as a day job it was a natural progression for her to get involved in the coaching team. Her calm and focused approach helps both children and adults to learn Karate.

Sensei Ben Gingell

Ben has been training in Karate since 2005, starting as a way to loose weight and ease recover after a series of big operations. Ben likes to make sure students of all ages understand the finer points of Kata (forms) to help them perform better. He also likes to help develop speed and power in students techniques, while remaining focused.