On 17th November 2013 five members of the Surrey and Hampshire Karate Club attended the TYGA International Martial Arts Tournament.

tyga-tournament-2013The event took place at the Crystal Palace International Sports Centre in London and featured clubs from around the UK with a few from Europe and was very ably hosted by 10th Dan Grand Master Gary Wasinevski.

The competition included mixed styles from karate through kick boxing, kung fu and TKD.

All five competitors from the Surrey and Hampshire Karate Club won medals. In the photo, from left to right. Katie Bryant (16) won 2 x gold and one bronze. Zak Bryant (14) a bronze, Sensei Phil Aucott (31) won 2 x silver and a bronze. Kieran Bryant (12) achieved 4 gold medals and Lauren Donovan (23) a silver.

Instructor, Sensei Phil Aucott said that he was very proud of the team and would like to congratulate all these people for an awesome result and upholding the etiquette and discipline of karate and showing great sportsmanship.